Frequently Asked Questions about the Affiliate Programme

What exactly is an Affiliate Programme?

An Affiliate Programme is a revenue-sharing process whereby a company pays a 'referral fee' to a person like you (an affiliate) who refers someone to a web site and orders a product: in this case our Property Management Software for Landlords. The referral fee is also known as a commission payment.

Upon what products is a referral fee paid?

We pay a 'one-off' referral fee on each Property Management Software product advertised in the Property Portfolio Software Affiliate Programme. As we add products to the web site, you will increase your chances of receiving a fee.

How much are the Affiliate referral fees?

For each purchase made, you will be rewarded with 25%.

When and how do I get paid?

A cheque will be sent to you on the 10th of every month for fees earned. However please note that the first cheque will be sent three months after the sale, to allow for our 90 day money back guarantee.

There is a £100 minimum fee payment threshold. Where the affiliate monthly fee is less than £100, it will be added to the fees in the following month.

Who can join the Affiliate Programme?

Any individual, group or business can join. It's simply a matter of 'signing-up'!

Can I obtain a referral fee for my own purchases?

No, this is not permitted and if you try to claim a referral fee for your own purchase of any Property Management Software products, you will be automatically deleted from the Affiliate Programme. Likewise, this rule applies if you try to use another name or identification.

How will I know that I have been credited for the sales made?

To operate the Property Portfolio Software Affiliate Programme, we have introduced a sophisticated real-time tracking system. Each affiliate is allocated a unique identification number which is embedded into your URL. When a visitor links to our web site through your URL and purchases a Property Management Software product, the tracking system will automatically credit you with the sale. You will have access to the system, so you will see the details for yourself.

In what way can you help me to be successful?

In the resources section on these web pages, several text links are provided. We have found that text links are the best way to encourage visitors to link through to our web site. However, you may use any legal and ethical method of linking to our web site. We recommend you use whatever is best for you and place a link on your web site wherever you think it appropriate. Remember, advice may be sought from us at anytime.

Will I be paid when a visitor 'clicks-through' to your web site?

No. Referral fees are only paid to affiliates when visitors purchase a Property Management Software product through one of the web sites linked to the Property Portfolio Software Affiliate Programme.