Landlords Property Manager Training & Resource Centre:

Welcome to our Landlords Property Manager Training and Resource Centre

Get the most from your Landlords Property Manager software

We have developed our Training and Resource Centre to help you understand the full capabilities of our Landlords’ Property Manager software and how they can help you to get started.

We offer various training options in order to suit everyone’s needs. For those who like to chat, why not try out one to one telephone training service, or if you learn better in a classroom environment, don't forget our one-day workshop. If you simply prefer to be left alone to work things through then we have some great online video tutorials and FAQs that will help you do just that!

Please choose the preferred method of training from our list below.

30 Minutes Telephone Training
Book a 30 minutes telephone training session with a member of our highly trained support team and they will take you through how to set up your portfolio, create properties, enter tenants and much more.

Online Video Tutorials
Learning at home and on your own doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. With our video tutorials it’s just like having your own trainer sat next to you. Our tutorials will show you how to get the most out of your software and the advantage is that you can do it at your own pace, without peer pressure or time constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have already got to grips with the software but find the occasional question buzzing round your head, our FAQ section has been made for you. Based on the most commonly asked questions, our FAQ section is designed to quickly help you get answers to any issues that you may have encountered when setting up your software, maintaining your portfolios or finding a work-around for specific scenarios.