Terms and Conditons

Terms and Conditions


Tax Portal Ltd assume copyright of its products and they do not accept liability for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages of whatsoever kind arising out of using their products or any information, downloads or links contained in it. The product itself is provided 'as is' without express or implied warranty.

Tax Portal Ltd reserves the right to alter any of the company's products or published technical data relating thereto at any time without notice.

Refund Policy

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all software purchased through the site, including monthly software rental payments made via Direct Debit.

If you are in any way unhappy with your purchase then you can request a refund at any time within 90 days of your purchase. All refunds are subject to our standard refunds policy, below.

Standard Refund Policy:
If you feel you require a refund (e.g. you wish to use our money back guarantee, the order was made by mistake, etc.) you may request the refund by either writing to us or emailing us (details available via the contact us page). We reserve the right to decline a refund where the physical products returned are damaged or in a state which means they cannot be re-sold. Where multiple products have been purchased and then all products are requested for a refund, then a refund will only be given for the first product.

If any of our software solutions are ordered and then refunded, and then the same version is ordered again at a later date, then a refund will only be given for the first order.

Products must be returned within 90 days and software uninstalled from your machine.

We also reserve the right to decline a refund where we suspect fraudulent activity.

Rental Agreement

If you have decided to pay the monthly rental fee for our software solutions and/or Support Service (rather than paying outright) then the first payment will be debited from your account one month after you took out the agreement/free trial. Customers are only entitled to a single free trial. Once the trial is over and the first payment has been collected all subsequent payments will also be taken monthly. No refunds are given for past rental payments.

The payments are taken from the credit or debit card you have provided, or collected directly from your bank account via a direct debit you will have set-up. If any of your payments fail due to lack of funds, or because your card has expired, then you will be notified of this via our secure payment partners. In order to continue using the software, and/or Support Service, you will need to make the payment. If the payment has not been made within 14 days, the software will automatically lock and the support service will stop. You will need to continue making the rental payments to regain access to the software or restart support.

If the payment is not made within one month of the last successful payment then the payment agreement will be cancelled and you will need to set up a new rental agreement to regain access to the software or restart the Support Service; this will incur a charge of £25 + VAT. If your monthly software subscription is cancelled, the software will lock and you will be required to uninstall the software from your machine.


Payments may be made via Credit/Debit cards or by Direct Debit. If you select to pay via these methods, your subscription will automatically be re-billed monthly unless you request otherwise. Any billing cancellations or changes will be actioned before the next billing date provided that you notify us in writing five days in advance. You can do this via the contact us page.

Renewing your Rental Agreement
If your rental agreement is renewed within one month of the last successful payment then you will be able to renew at the price you had previously been paying.

If your rental agreement is renewed after one month of the last successful payment, then you will need to renew at the current software prices. This means that if the software price has increased since you originally took out the rental payment option then you will need to re-join at the current price.

Discount Codes

The promotional code field found on the online order form enables you to enter ONE discount code per order only. Where a code stipulates a particular product, you will be able to redeem the discount against that product only.

Downloading software
When downloading the software you are responsible for keeping the installation file on your computer and making relevant backups. As we release new versions, previous versions are removed and are no longer available for download. Alternatively, at the time of purchase we do provide the option to purchase a hardcopy version of the software for an additional fee.

Software Support

The monthly Priority Support packages have a minimum tie-in period of three months, after which you can cancel at anytime, either through contacting your bank or Tax Portal Ltd directly (please see 'Billing' above).

The software is for use on PCs only. For customers who decide to run it on an Apple MAC using third party emulator software, we regret that we are unable to provide technical support for this set-up.

We reserve right to lock software where we suspect fraudulent activity and it will not be unlocked until any arrears plus any administration charges have been paid in full.


Tax Portal Ltd are not financial, legal or tax advisors and cannot give financial or other professional advice.

If such advice is needed we urge you to seek the opinion of an appropriate professional in the relevant field. We care about your success and therefore encourage you to take appropriate advice before you put any of your resources, financial or otherwise at risk.