Landlord Software Focus Group

In 2010 we plan to steam ahead with the development of our Landlords Property Manager software solutions and so have enlisted the help of existing users and landlords to create our very own 'Software Focus Group'

*Landlord Software Focus Group - Launched*

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Landlords Software Focus Group.

This is a specially selected team of experienced landlords who use our Landlords Property Manager software solutions to manage their property business day-in-day-out!

We take great pride in the fact that our software solutions are designed by landlords for landlords.


Our focus group will help us to continue to deliver the functionality that you, our landlord customers want!

 Here are some questions we get asked about our Focus Group:


What is the Purpose of the Focus Group?

The purpose of this focus group is to primarily review and discuss the software's existing and planned functionality. We continually get feedback from you, our customers, and every suggestion is recorded and reviewed by our in-house team. Some are implemented by us quickly and others are reviewed by our Focus Group.


That is why we say, our software is designed by landlords for landlords and continues to evolve in this way.

 When Was the Focus Group Launched?

The Focus Group was officially launched on Wednesday 20th January 2010. This is when we had our first, official, half day meeting. It was a fantastic meeting with lots of experiences shared, plans reviewed and suggestions made.


The result was that we now have a clear strategy for 2010 and Version 8 of the software.


The biggest surprise was just how value for money the software was and how invaluable the software had become to their property businesses. 


As a Regular Software User Can I Join the Focus Group?

Joining the group is by invitation or by application. We invite those who provide regular feedback and suggestions via email initially, and those who share the same passion as us – to make our software solutions the industry standard solutions.


Alternatively, if you feel you can add value to the group then we would be delighted to hear from you. You can do this via the contact us form.


Can I Still Give Feedback if I Am Not Part of the Focus Group?

Absolutely! We really encourage feedback and that is what has allowed the software to evolve at such a rapid pace!


 In January 2010, the very first Software Focus Group meeting took place to discuss the latest, and future, versions of the property management software

Below, Amer Siddiq chairs the Software Focus Group as the team reviews the functionality and future development plans put forward by our existing software users.