Landlord’s Property Manager - Puts Technology to Work for You

All Professional landlords must take a minute of theirs in finding out what technological advancement has in store for them in property management.

Technology really has transformed the way properties are being managed today. Tracking rental payments, finding out property insurance policy’s expiry date and maintaining accounts used to be tedious earlier. A volley of tasks that were once labour intensive, repetitive and mind numbingly dull are now done in the blink of an eye with the use of computers.

This is precisely what a property management letting software solution does for you. It can streamline your business processes and save you time and money. So, what are you waiting for?

If you choose good property letting management software, it can help you transform your work life. It will not only save you valuable time but will also help you to take control of your cash flow.

Making the right decision to invest in residential property management software is an important first step you need to take as a landlord. However, choosing the right asset property management package is not easy. This task requires the same level of research and commitment that you would employ in looking for and acquiring good investment property. Think about your business needs and take time to do your research. By doing this you will be making an informed choice.

Are you spending your hard earned cash on a product that is worthwhile the investment?

There are, of course, some basic features that you should consider before purchasing a Landlord Property Manager package. Look for a product that has a complete accounting package which can generate financial and management reports that will help you to control business income and expenditure. Look for a product that can generate payment reminders for tenants and notices dealing with late payments and lease expiry dates too.

Think realistically about how much data storage you will need as well.

A very popular tool is Landlord Property Manager UK and you can do your own research when researching the right software tool for you.

Ask your fellow professional landlords what they are using and how they benefit from the software they have bought. Rest assured your competitors will already be using landlord property software. There is a lot of information out there. Look online and in trade papers for independent reviews by people who have experience in the property market.

Also look out for products that have been designed by a professional landlord or have taken inputs from an experienced professional landlord. Look for a product that will help you save time and money and one that can produce reports. Choose wisely and you can and will reap the rewards and give your business the edge over your competitors. So, why not take that step and add good landlord rental property management software on your payroll.

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Customer Success Stories
Your software IS my Manager!

Each year my accountant comes to my office to discuss my year end accounts and is always impressed and amazed at just how organised I am with my properties.

I have a trouble free existence as a Landlord. Just perfect!

David Frieslander, Lancashire
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Reasons to buy

  • Very easy to use software to help you get better organised
  • Designed by landlords for landlords
  • Fast management and full control of all property related tasks
  • Accurately track all property income and expenses with one click reports
  • Integrated buy-to-let tax calculation and legal document centre
  • Only property management software officially recommended by the RLA
  • Recognised supplier of the NLA

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