Tracking Rental Payments with Rent Management Software

You may invest a great deal of time in managing a rental property. It is not easy to manage your assets such as your property. Any error committed can be a costly affair. As a professional landlord, you must practice the habit of choosing the right tenant for the right property. Collecting the rent in full and on time, may be quite challenging to you.

Good rental property software can help you to achieve this by enabling you to manage, monitor cash flow and to keep an eye on rental payments. It also helps you to plan out your maintenance and repair obligations.

Take your time and do your research. Look for a rental property management software package that will allow you to track rental payments. There is a support service to help you out if you have any queries related to rental management software.

Managing cash flow is the key to the survival of all businesses so look for a product that can do the following; one which shows you the amount of rent owed to your business and one that shows what money has been received. Look out for a rental property management software package that gives you an overview of the entire rental schedule for all your tenants.

This is important because it will let you see what the income should be for the entire tenancy period and how much of it has already been received. This information is crucial because it will enable you to accurately plan your business finances and manage your cash flow.

Let’s face it, in such uncertain economic times even good tenants may not keep up with rent payments on time.

It is therefore essential to have a rental property software package that has a facility for entering and monitoring ad hoc or one off payments. It may be that your tenant will choose to pay you weekly rather than monthly or quarterly and a good rental property management software package should have a facility for recording these payments.

Sadly, bad debt is a fact of commercial life and despite the best efforts put in by everyone, some of your tenants may still owe you money.

Hence, it makes good business sense for you to look out for an accounting package that will enable you to identify bad debt. Your financial accounts will of course need to make provision for this.

It’s basic common sense but you should look for rent property management software product that has been designed by a landlord or at least has significant inputs from a successful professional landlord. They know your pain.

They know what features are necessary in your day to day life as a landlord and what information you will need access to manage your business in both short term and the long term.

If you do an audit of your business needs and you then spend time researching the market then you will be in a position to choose the rent management software package that is right for you and your business.

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Your software IS my Manager!

Each year my accountant comes to my office to discuss my year end accounts and is always impressed and amazed at just how organised I am with my properties.

I have a trouble free existence as a Landlord. Just perfect!

David Frieslander, Lancashire
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