UPGRADE for existing LPTM Users

As part of the new 2008, version 7.0 release, the software package known as Landlord's Property & Tax Manager has been rebranded as 

Landlord's Property Manager Professional

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER MESSAGE: Your version of our property management software is no longer supported.

This means that you are no longer entitled to software support or any kind of functional upgrades.

You can upgrade to Landlords Property Manager Professional 2008 version 7 for just £97 + VAT

When you have upgraded you can download and start using Landlords Property Manager Professional 2008 version 7.0 by following steps 1 to 3


STEP 1 - Create a backup of your existing database

  • Go to the File menu and select Backup Database
  • In the dialogue box that opens, click on the Browse button
  • Navigate to a location of your choice, the location at which you wish to save your backup.  For example, this may be within your personal directory
  • Save the database to this location. 

Attention! The database backup must be saved to a location outside the software installation folder. The installation folder and its content will be entirely removed during the uninstallation of the software which is why it is important to save the database to a different folder.

After you have installed version 7.0 you can import the database by using the Restore Database command under the File menu.

STEP 2 - Install Landlords Property Manager Professional version 7

  • Download Landlord's Property Manager Professional, version 7.0, by clicking on the download link below
  • Click on the Save button.  Users of Internet Explorer and AOL browsers should note: do not click on the Run button.  Use the Save button to save the file to your computer
  • Double-click on the file to install the program
  • Register the software
  • Restore your database and start using the software (NOTE: Do not go to step three untill you have started using the new software)

STEP 3 - Remove the old version from your computer

  • Make sure your existing copy of Landlord's Property & Tax Manager is not running
  • Go to the Start menu on your desktop, go to Programs and locate Landlord's Property & Tax Manager in the list of installed programs
  • Click on the name to display the sub-menu
  • From this sub-menu, select Uninstall

Windows Vista Users

If you experience error messages when running the software for the first time, you may need to run the Vista Configuration Tool supplied with the software. 

Click here for instructions on activating the tool.

If you experience any problems, contact Support on