Britain’s Largest Landlord to be Investigated over Racist Remarks

Fergus Wilson, Britain’s largest landlord caused uproar after he was reported to have told letting agents not to let any of his properties to “coloured” people. He justified his remarks by telling letting agents in Evolution, the agency he uses, that “coloured” people leave curry smells at the end of the tenancy. The agency said they did not condone Wilson’s remarks and would therefore not implement anything he said in his email.

Landlord Faces Legal Action
The Equality and Human Rights Commission watchdog are now investigating Wilson’s comments and have warned him that he could face legal action. Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the commission, described Mr Wilson’s remarks as “truly disgusting”. She said they reveal the “deep inequalities” still prevalent in UK society.

“As a country we all assume we have left the dark ages behind, but clearly there is more to be done. We will investigate and will be asking Mr Wilson to explain his actions. Unless we are satisfied that he will not commit unlawful acts in the future we will take legal action”.

Campaign Group Condemns Landlord
Campaign group Hope Not Hate were quick to respond to Wilson’s comments and described them as “serious in their implication”. They told the Guardian newspaper that landlords like Wilson could not treat people in such a despicable fashion.

“This is the unacceptable face of the housing crisis,” said a spokesperson for the group.

Fergus Wilson has been unavailable for comment ever since the news of his email comments broke, but he may have to resurface if Kent Police decides to get involved in the matter.

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