Check the safety of that portable electrical device


Residential landlords provide tenants with any number of portable electrical devices in their tenancy contract. They need to check for its safety as per the law. It is advisable to conduct regular safety checks on appliances which become part of the rental agreements.

This is because the landlord can be held responsible in the face of an injury by way of an electric shock or if the appliances become defective. The UK is no stranger to fires caused by electrical devices. Close to 20 percent of these are caused by faulty electric equipments that end up in a short circuit. Government statistics suggests that more than 14,000 Britons suffer varying degrees of injuries due to problems with their electrical appliances.

The UK’s Electrical Safety Council has issued that we will be held responsible if tenants are injured due to defective appliances found in the rental properties.

It can prove costly for us as such injuries can mean rejection of insurance policy, apart from the major fines and criminal prosecution. The best way to avoid this mess is to sign the portable appliance testing (PAT) at regular intervals. This inexpensive testing can be done using dedicated testing equipment. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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