Coffin Houses the Norm in Overcrowded Cities Across the Globe

In many cities around the world, rents are so high and living space so cramped that tenants are forced to live in so-called ‘coffin homes’.  We are used to reading stories in the UK press of tiny flats and cramped bedsits charged out at exorbitant prices, especially in London, but the reality is a lot worse in cities such as Seoul and Hong Kong. There, poor families and low-income workers are forced to make do in coffin apartments measuring little more than 20 square foot. Some people barely have enough space to stand up, yet pay £182 per month for the privilege.

Cage Housing in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, cage homes are an affordable housing solution for people who can’t afford regular housing. House prices have soared in Hong Kong in the last five years, making it one of the most expensive places in the world to live. Stackable ‘cage homes’ offer just enough space for a person to sleep and store a few belongings, and thanks to wire mesh sides, are also secure. Some people have lived in their cage home for decades, as they can’t afford to find anything better.

The Most Expensive City in the World
Even more expensive accommodation in Hong Kong is not much better. For £400 per month, you still only get 60 square feet, which is extremely cramped for two people. But with living space in short supply, these people have no choice. So the next time a tenant complains about the size of a flat, tell them to be grateful they don’t have to rent a flat in Hong Kong!

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