Consumers Supreme Confidence in Property Market

According to figures revealed in a recent survey taken by Rightmove Plc, Brits are confident that UK house prices will extend their gain over the next twelve months.

They say that 53 % of respondents predicted a rise in average house prices. This figure is most interesting when contrasted with figures for the same question a year ago. Only 10% indicated any confidence that there would be a rise in house prices.

There seems to be no doubt that we are on the rebound here in the UK property market, especially if consumer confidence is any measure (and as we know, with the economy, it is often the best measure).

Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove, said in a recent statement:

“Given the looming election and the talk of pending austerity packages ahead, this consumer survey highlights a surprisingly positive property price outlook. Consumers have the impression that we are over the worst of the recent price falls and that there is likely to be upward pressure on prices.”

Let’s hope we are all correct to be so optimistic, though the figures do seem to indicate that the worst of the recession is behind us with unemployment falling at the fastest rate last month since April 2007.

This kind of thing, combined with the low interest rates, is giving people cause to look forward to the future.

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