Claim Tax Relief on ALL Revenue Expenditure!

If you have incurred a revenue expense for the purpose of your property, then you can offset it against the rental income.This means that you can continue to lower your tax bill – legitimately!

Most investors are aware that they can offset mortgage interest, insurance costs, rates, cost of decorating/repairs, wages and costs of services. However, so many investors fail to claim the following costs, which, when added together, can provide a significant tax saving: 

  • Costs incurred when travelling back-and-to the investment property
  • Advertisement costs
  • Telephone calls made (or text messages sent) in connection with the property
  • Cost of safety certificates
  • Cost of bank charges (i.e. overdraft)
  • Advisory fees e.g. legal and accountancy
  • Subscription to property investment related magazines, products and services

Our Property Management Software helps you to track these expenses, making it easier to locate the information and claim the expenditure back into the portfolio.Maximising on the tax reliefs available to you will help keep your portfolio cash-positive!

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