Kent Landlord Alerts Police after Online Abuse

Controversial Landlord, Fergus Wilson, has asked the police to investigate after being trolled online by anonymous posters calling him “racist”.

Racist Email
Wilson caused a storm in the media when an email penned to his letting agent was leaked into the public domain. Mr Wilson allegedly decided to ban “coloured” tenants because they left his properties stinking of curry, which caused damage to carpets. He claimed to have spent £12,000 in lost rent and new carpets in six months because of the curry problem.

Since the email was made public, Wilson has been sent offensive Facebook posts and a link to a YouTube video where he is the subject of vile abuse. Kent police say they are looking into the allegations and if they find any wrongdoing, they will prosecute the offenders.

Mr Wilson has also had some of his To Let boards vandalised, with some of the boards now carrying offensive statements.

Despite the backlash to his comments, Mr Wilson has refused to apologise or back down to the haters. Instead, he stands firm on his decision to ban coloured tenants, single mothers, plumbers, smokers, and dog owners. He claims his decision is economic rather than racist and any landlord has the right to ban certain groups of tenants.

Millionaire Landlord
There is no doubt that Wilson is a savvy businessman. He’s worth a staggering £100 million and owns hundreds of properties in the Kent area. However, many people believe his views are questionable and the furore surrounding the leaked email is unlikely to go away just yet.

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