Kind-Hearted Landlord Pledges to Help NHS Tenant

Landlords get a lot of bad press. There are always stories about rogue landlords who do their best to rip off vulnerable tenants to line their own pockets. Indeed, the government seems to hold the same opinion, as it has been working hard to discourage landlords from investing in the private rental sector!

However, not all landlords are rogues or money-grabbing profiteers. Many do their best to help put tenants and provide homes for vulnerable people living in the local community. In a particularly inspiring story, a Wycombe landlord has pledged to lower the rent of a very desirable property in his extensive portfolio to help a low-paid NHS worker make ends meet.

Rent Cap
The landlord, who has asked to remain anonymous, has decided to cap the rent on his flat at £650pcm, even though it could easily attract tenants willing to pay £725 per month. The landlord has also stated that he won’t increase the rent after a year, which he customarily would do with his other properties.

Kind Gesture
The landlord’s kind gesture is motivated by a recent good experience of the NHS. He told reporters that his mother had recently been admitted to hospital for a few days and she had received wonderful care from a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

He describes the staff as the “unsung heroes of the NHS”.

The landlord’s letting agent said it was the first time he had encountered a landlord who was willing to lower rent for a charitable cause. Hopefully, it won’t be the last!

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