Landlord Gives Away a Free House

Landlords are frequently maligned in the press, but a recent Channel 4 TV show has shown that some landlords do want to give back to their local community. Marco Robinson, a 49-year-old landlord who spent time sleeping on a park bench with his mum when he was a child, decided to give away one of his properties now he’s the owner of a $25 million property empire.

A Free Home Giveaway
Eight thousand people applied to become the owner of a free house. After an extensive filtration process to see who was the most deserving, the long list was eventually whittled down to three applicants.

Single mum, Holly, lives in a mouldy flat with her baby and feels she won’t ever escape the poverty trap. Jo works, but can’t save for a house deposit. She is also going blind and is fearful she will lose her job and be unable to afford her rent. The Ali family are asylum seekers but their application was rejected. In the meantime, they can’t work and are homeless while their application is being reconsidered.

Giving Something Back
Marco didn’t want to hand out cash. His intention was to help people in a more meaningful way. In the end, he elects to give the flat to Holly so she can make a better life for her baby. Jo is given the deposit so she can buy a home and the Ali family are provided with temporary housing while their asylum application is sorted out.

It was a life-changing event for all three of them.


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