Landlord Rescues Starving Cat Abandoned by Tenant and is Threatened with the Police

A landlord finally gained access to his flat, only to discover it had been trashed by the tenant and a starving cat was in residence. The landlord was horrified to find pet faeces all over the flat, a very neglected cat, and no tenant in sight. He described the conditions the cat had been left in as “horrific”.

Neighbours Reported a Distressed Cat
The landlord had been alerted to problems by concerned neighbours, who had reported the sound of a distressed cat calling all hours of the day and night. The animal had been left with no food and water and had tried foraging in rubbish bags and drinking water from the toilet bowl in a desperate bid to stay alive. He immediately took the cat home and gave it food and water before calling the tenant to tell him he was not handing the cat back.

Cat Theft – Allegedly
The tenant was unhappy, despite clearly being incapable of looking after the young cat. He threatened his former landlord with police action, saying he would report him for stealing the cat.

The landlord, who has since named the cat “Bob” says he has absolutely no intention of giving the cat back.

“Bob is a lovely cat and we can’t let him down, so we want to make sure he goes to the right home.” He has since posted on Facebook in a bid to find a loving forever home for Bob.

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