Landlord Wants to Help Those in Need

An enterprising landlord in Leicester has decided to raffle off one of his properties worth £145k at £5 per ticket in a bid to help those in need. He will donate some of the proceeds from the raffle to a local cancer unit.

Amit Sehgal has been a landlord for 15 years. During that time, he has witnessed the difficulties faced by poor and vulnerable families who are struggling since the government introduced a benefits cap. He has a large portfolio of properties in the local area and has had to send in the bailiffs on numerous occasions to evict families who can’t afford to pay the rent.

Effect of the Benefits Cap
One of his tenants, a mother of three, had rented a property from him for six years, but once the benefit cap came into effect, she couldn’t afford the rent and Sehgal was forced to evict her. He described the situation as “heart-breaking”.

Creating a Brighter Future
Sehgal is hoping that at least one needy family will have a better future if they are lucky enough to win the keys to his property. The raffle is easy to enter. Hopeful entrants can buy a £5 ticket online via the website The winner will be announced on Facebook when the competition closes on January 25.

The only costs incurred by the winner will be stamp duty and solicitor’s fees, so if you decide to enter, make sure you budget for these costs.

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