Landlords Share Horror Stories

Landlords have shared their horror stories of nightmare tenants with the Manchester Evening News. The tales of woe are very eye-opening, especially for inexperienced landlords not yet savvy to the ways of some tenants.

Cannabis Farm
One landlord described how he only found out his property was being used as a cannabis farm when the police informed him. The landlord’s insurance company refused to pay out, as the damage was linked to “criminal activity”. He lost money on the property as it cost several thousand pounds to fix the damage. He did admit, though, that it was a common problem and he had experienced the same issue before.

Tenant Destroys Property
Another landlord described how a long-term tenant, who had never caused a moment’s bother, trashed the place before she moved out. In all previous inspections, the house had been immaculate, but when the landlord checked it after she left overnight, he found it had been destroyed.

No Pets Clause Ignored
A third landlord let an agent manage their property. Despite assurances from the agent that everything was fine, neighbours began to complain, so the landlord went over to inspect the place.

He discovered filthy carpets, pet damage, despite a ‘no pets’ clause in the tenancy agreement. The tenants promised to clean up, but the situation deteriorated and by the time they were evicted, suddenly, the house was a disaster area with rubbish piled high.

It isn’t surprising that some landlords decide the property sector is not for them.

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