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We believe our solutions represent the best property management software out there but we are bound to say that, aren't we? So why not listen to what our customers, the people who use our software day in, day out, have to say, and what respected industry experts think about our software solutions.
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"This software package has certainly not disappointed, as it seems to be the best designed piece of software for landlords that I have come across."

To read Andy's full review of our software, as it appeared in the UK Landlord magazine, please click the link below:
Andy Stern, Editor of UK Landlord
The official magazine for the National Landlords Association (NLA)
Property Management Software is an important tool in every landlord's armoury, especially when more properties are added to the portfolio.

The decision to buy a particular product is not one to be taken lightly, as a lot of time will be invested in learning and using it, and therefore you'll want to live with it for a long time.

You need an industry leading product which is kept up-to-date with regular upgrades, has good technical support and is supplied by a tried and tested company.

In all these respects I have no hesitation in recommending Property Portfolio Software, a company we've had a long association with.
Tom Entwistle, Founder of Landlord Zone
Property Portfolio Software are the official property management software partner for the Residential Landlords Association (RLA). The reasons we chose them as our exclusive partner are because we found Amer Siddiq to be a very conscientious, dedicated and fair landlord and influential public speaker. The software reflects this with its easy to use interface and focus on making life easier for our landlords.

Even more impressive is their prolific development programme which allows our landlords to influence how the software evolves. Their unrivalled support service cemented our decision to make them our official landlord software partner.
John Halliday, Residential Landlords Association
Business Development Manager
We are delighted to announce that at the recent Landlord & Buy to Let Awards, a prestigious ceremony that recognises the companies and individuals who have excelled in their field in the private rental sector, that Property Portfolio Software was the commended finalist in the Innovation category, marginally pipped to the post by the winners, a pest control company!

Whilst this is a big honour for us, validating our dedication and resolve to make life easier for landlords, a big ‘Thank You’ must go out to our customers for their feedback and suggestions that not only enabled us to be nominated for the award, but also ensures that we continue to head in the right direction. Thank you.
2009 Landlord & Buy-to-Let Awards - FINALIST
We have become the official landlord software partner for the UKs leading website for student accommodation. Here is what Managing Director, Simon Thompson has to say:

'This landlord software is by far the most impressive we have seen. Not just because of the service it provides to landlords but because of the fact it is continuously updated and has similar high levels of customer support'.
Simon Thompson, Founder of
managing Director
Just being reminded to add 10 x £30 receipts to this software would make the investment worthwhile!

About Kate Faulkner
Kate has been renovating old properties for 20 years and spent the last 10 years as a business development consultant to all sectors of the property industry. Due to her unique consumer and industry insights, the consumer organisation Which? asked Kate to write a series of books on property including Buy, Sell, Move House, Renting and Letting, Develop your Property and the Property Investment Handbook.

Kate is now recognised as one of the leading, independent property experts in the UK and regularly features in the national press including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, The Daily Mail and The Express.
Kate Faulkner, Designs on Property
Property Investor, Author and Founder
An excellent piece of software for anyone who wants to get better organised and manage their property cash flow. I have seen how Amer has developed this software from the early stages and am amazed at the speed at which new functionality continues to be added. I recommend this software for all YPE (Your PropertyEmpire) customers.
Ranjan Bhattacharya, Your Property Empire
Property Investor and Founder
I have been a property investor for nearly ten years and have tried everything in an attempt to properly get to grips with the administration of our portfolio. Most of our properties are managed but this is only a tiny fraction of the work required to keep track. We’ve employed admin assistants and bookkeepers at great cost, used spreadsheets and Sage, ready made and even bespoke software but we have just not been able to find something that ticks all of the boxes…

Until now…

I have known Amer for a few years now and have watched him develop his property management software and in all honesty believed it to be just like the others and that is that its ok to a point but doesn’t deal with all of our issues and thus I need two or three systems all running in tandem – nightmare!

But was I wrong… tearing my hair out at yet more spreadsheets and desperate to find an all in one solution I finally bit the bullet and got the software.

I am gob smacked as to how much work Amer has put in to identifying the issues of property investors. Until now no one piece of kit tackled all of the problems we face but Amer’s most certainly does.

It’s impressive without the tax add-on but that’s a real bonus…

At the end of the year your accountant charges you several thousand pounds to put all your hard work into a format suitable for the tax man and then tells you, you have two months to come up with fifty grand!!

This way you can monitor your tax liability throughout the year, it saves you huge amounts of money on your accountant’s bills and at the end of the year – no nasty surprises!

Amer is always willing to deal with any issues you have as well as add to and improve the software. I can’t recommend the software enough.
Lisa Orme, Keys Property
Property Investor and Founder
Landlords Property Manager is a solution that helps landlords to get better organised. One of the most impressive features is that it helps landlords to pre-empt tenant problems through the unique early warning system for late payments. Using the software enables landlords to alert us about bad tenants allowing us to quickly deal with and evict bad tenants, whilst further minimising landlord costs.
Paul Shamplina, Landlord Action