We’ve been rebranded!

In December 2007 we underwent a re-branding exercise where we hired a software marketing specialist and conducted a major survey with our existing customers.

This week we have been busy upgrading our existing software customers to the newly launched software versions.

What branding has been done?

Well, Landlords Property Tax Manager, which we had been selling since 2003, has now been rebranded to Landlords Property Manager Professional.

And Property Portfolio Software has now been rebranded to Landlords Property Manager Regular.

Why has the software been rebranded?

Landlords Property Tax Manager to date has been a very popular solution, whose name is well know in the property management software industry.

However, when Landlords Property Tax Manager was first launched back in 2002, the unique selling point (USP) of the software was that it was the only landlord software solution that could calculate rental income tax liabilities.

Hence the name Landlords Property Tax Manager.

Whilst the USP still holds true, we have since developed a huge amount of property management functionality into the software. Despite this, our research was showing that people still saw the software as tax software rather than property management software.

Therefore, the rebranding has been done.

What else has been done as part of the rebranding?

Well, along with our commitment to continuously add more and more value and functionality to the software, we have added your most requested suggestions to the solutions.

For a full list of the new functionality that has been added, please go to our release notes page.

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