Earn £££’s by Referring Our Property Management Software Solutions

It’s always a great feeling when customers and other webmasters email you to say how great they believe our property management software solutions are and that they would like to start promoting them to other landlords and investors.

In order to cater for the growing number these enquiries, we have now implemented our Property Portfolio Software – Affiliate Programme through which we have tried to incentivise our customers and other webmasters to pro-actively promote our software by offering generous commissions.

For example if you refer our Landlords Property Manager – Regular solution, you will earn £36.75 in commission. If you refer our Landlords Property Manager – Professional solution, you can earn a whopping £61.75 in commission! All this by just sending the customer to our site with your unique affiliate tracking code.

It takes less than a couple for minutes to join our affiliate programme. To learn more and start earning those affiliate commissions click the link.

Meet us at the Landlord Show this weekend

This Friday (13th) and Saturday (14th) we will be exhibiting at the Landlord Show in Manchester.

This is the UK’s premier landlord show in the North West.

It is free to attend and we will be demonstrating our property management software solutions on Stand 24 throughout the day.

I will also be delivering two talks, titled Property Management: Tools and Techniques.

I will be discussing the five biggest challenges landlords are facing in the current market and what we can do to overcome them.

I will also be sharing strategies on how to boost your property cash flow, so that you can ride out any negative impacts the credit crunch is having!

If our last exhibit at the landlord show is anything to go by, it will be standing room only!

It really would be great to see you here at the show and you will get an excellent chance to meet the team and see the landlord software solutions demonstrated in a live environment.

To register for free and get full details of the show please visit:

We’ve been rebranded!

In December 2007 we underwent a re-branding exercise where we hired a software marketing specialist and conducted a major survey with our existing customers.

This week we have been busy upgrading our existing software customers to the newly launched software versions.

What branding has been done?

Well, Landlords Property Tax Manager, which we had been selling since 2003, has now been rebranded to Landlords Property Manager Professional.

And Property Portfolio Software has now been rebranded to Landlords Property Manager Regular.

Why has the software been rebranded?
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Our top five property management problems

Lately I’ve been asking myself what the biggest problem facing Property Investors is. The answer? A growing portfolio!

Why is this? Surely a growing portfolio is a good thing? Well, as your portfolio grows, your paperwork grows with it. I know people who are drowning under paperwork and struggling to keep it organised. I know what that’s like. I used to be one of them. That’s why I got into designing property management software. I started investing back in 1999 and according to the results of our recent analysis of 3 years of customer feedback, nothing much has changed! Paperwork is still the biggest problem for Landlords.

The top 5 concerns were:

1. Increasing paperwork: keeping on top of bills and rental income

2. Staying legal: keeping track of safety certificates and legal documents

3. Good tenant management: making sure they get the information they need

4. Income tax management: knowing what is due when

5. Maintaining a positive cash flow: becoming harder with increasing property prices

In other words, exactly the same problems I had in 1999 and all the same reasons I got into designing property management software!

You can check out the results of my labours here.